I’ve been licensed in Florida for 20+ years and a full time TC since 2015. I know the market, the forms and the processes to take a listing from contract to close without you having to lift a finger.

Between following up with title and the lender and getting your paperwork just right, a real estate transaction typically takes about 14 hours to get to the closing table. THAT’S 2 WHOLE BUSINESS DAYS!!

By hiring me as their transaction coordinator, I’ve helped agents double, triple and even quadruple their business. All because they have TIME to spend with the people who make them money – their clients.

Are you ready to spend less time chasing paperwork and more time working with your clients? I’m ready to help you!

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Transaction Services

Contract to Close

Did you know an agent spends on average 14 hours getting a client to the closing table? Get those 14 hours back with Real Tech Girl’s Contract to Close Service.

What you do: Negotiate and deliver a fully executed contract to Real Tech Girl.

What we do: Introductions and follow up throughout the life of the contract – and the best part – we don’t get paid until you do!

Signing a listing agreement is just the beginning. Let Real Tech Girl take care of the details that make you look like a rock star.

What you do: Deliver a signed listing agreement and your checklist.

What we do: Manage the details and make your client feel like the VIP they are.

Maybe you’re the type of agent who loves the contact. Real Tech Girl’s Compliance Only is a way for you to stay face to face with your clients and colleagues while your paperwork is handled and you stay in good standing with your office. 

What you do: Forward completed contracts or listing agreements. 

What we do: Review your paperwork for completeness, upload to your office and let you know if you’re missing anything.

Real Estate Agents are always on the go and it’s not always convenient to get documents filled out or changed. This services allows you to have your documents prepared in a timely fashion so you can keep your momentum going. 

What you do: Send us the details for the forms. 

What we do: Prepare your forms (as allowed by law), email to you for approval and send for digital signatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

A transaction coordinator (TC) partners with real estate agents to handle to tasks involved with getting a property from under contract to the closing table. 

A general assistant can complete a variety of tasks for you. Including social media scheduling, marketing duties, attending to your email, or making routine phone calls. Many assistants even offer a specialized skill set, such as graphic design, that you could put to good use.

Virtual transaction coordinator services include managing insurance requirements, ensuring all paperwork is completed properly, opening escrow, tracking deadlines coordinating inspections and more. You can count on them to handle almost all of the paperwork related tasks for your transactions, but they do not stray outside of those tasks.

For Contract to Close: If your office offers the option to be paid at the table through a DA/CDA, we can may be able to add our fee to it depending on your office’s policies. If your brokerage doesn’t offer that option, you pay with a credit card. 

For Listing Management + Compliance: Your credit card on file is billed within 48 hours of compliance completion. Please note that listings will be billed prior to activation in the MLS. 

For Paperwork Prep: Services fees are due at the time of the request. 

We understand that anything can happen during a real estate transaction, that’s why “we get paid when you get paid”. We will circulate the cancellation paperwork and make sure your back office is in compliance before closing out our file. If we are handling the listing for you, we will update the MLS on your behalf. 

An experienced transaction coordinator will help you scale your business. Think of it as bringing on a professional partner like hiring an accountant or home inspector. Not only will your TC keep your paperwork and deadlines organized and on track, they will also become a second set of eyes helping your and your client avoid potential headaches during the transaction. 

GOOD NEWS! We are just as concerned about your business as you are. Your clients become our clients and we take care to make sure everyone is in on the details. You are CC’d on all email communication so you know what’s going on every step of the way. When you’re ready, we can scale back emails to only sending you the ones that need your time and attention.