Contract to Close
Did you know an agent spends on average 14 hours getting a client to the closing table? Get those 14 hours back with Real Tech Girl’s Contract to Close Service.

What you do: Negotiate and deliver a fully executed contract to Real Tech Girl.

What we do: Introductions and follow up throughout the life of the contract – and the best part – we don’t get paid until you do!
Here's What to Expect
  • Personal Introduction and Thank You email to Buyer/Seller
  • Introductions to Cooperating Agent with copy of the bilateral contract attached
  • Contract and any additional documents forwarded to the mortgage company
  • Contract and any additional documents forwarded to the title company
  • Verification of Escrow Deposit from/to Title Company or Attorney
  • Coordinate Home Inspection, Appraisal and Repairs with Agents (as needed)
  • Follow-up for Additional Escrow Deposits, Loan Commitment, Title Commitment
  • Coordinate with Buyer to assist with Homeowner’s Association Application and Fees
  • Verification of Homeowner’s Insurance (for Buyer Side)
  • Status Updates to all parties involved as needed, no less than 1x per week
  • Coordinate Walkthrough, Closing Time/Date and Location
  • Coordinate Delivery of Wire Instructions for Closing
  • Ensure Earnest Money Deposit is transferred to Closing Title Company or Attorney