Sherri Green, Owner + Transaction Coordinator

Are You Ready to Ditch the Paperwork? Build Your Business? Focus on Clients?

Welcome to Real Tech Girl: Transaction Management for Real Estate Agents who want to scale their businesses by eliminating the headache of paperwork.

You love selling houses. It’s a thrill negotiating the best deal for your client. You treat your buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants like family. 

You definitely want to grow your business. The problem is you’re spending way too much time chasing signatures and tracking deadlines when you should be out connecting with new clients and spending time nurturing old ones so they’ll send you referrals. 

You’ve thought about hiring an assistant, but you’re just not ready to have an employee because what if the market goes in the toilet and you can’t afford the salary. 

That’s why you should hire a Transaction Coordinator!

Hi I’m Sherri Green. I’ve been licensed in Florida for 20+ years and a full time TC since 2015. I know the market, the forms and the processes to take a listing from contract to close without you having to lift a finger.

Between following up with title and the lender and getting your paperwork just right, a real estate transaction typically takes about 14 hours to get to the closing table. THAT’S 2 WHOLE BUSINESS DAYS!!

By hiring me as their transaction coordinator, I’ve helped agents double, triple and even quadruple their business. All because they have TIME to spend with the people who make them money – their clients. 

Are you ready to spend less time chasing paperwork and more time working with your clients?

I’m ready to help you! Click the button below to get started…

Client Testimonials

I've been working with Sherri Green, and she is incredibly knowledgeable, has the quickest response time, and is truly such a pleasure to work with. If you want less stress in your life, and want to work with a team who is dedicated and professional, then you should definitely work with Sherri Green.
Ali Blankenship
Transaction Settlement Specialist
Sherri is extremely detail oriented and has a vast knowledge of online presence and the ability to link various sources to optimize and grow your business as well as developing websites. She is a true professional, also highly skilled in training and education and a great asset!!
Shanda Lamb
Throughout my corporate and real estate career, I have worked with many "Marketing Experts" - whether they were or not. However, Sherri practices what she preaches and stays on top of the latest trends. She is a very good brainstorming counterpart and has a good eye for what will catch the consumer's attention. She is a pleasure to work and is a consummate professional.
Randy Green