Virtual Transaction management + training

A transaction coordinator can save you 16+ hours per transaction so you can spend more time selling homes. 

Why Hire a Transaction Coordinator?

  • Never worry about office compliance
  • Always stay on top of contract deadlines
  • Spend more time in the Community and with Clients


Signing a listing agreement is just the beginning. Let Real Tech Girl take care of the details that make you look like a rock star.

What you do: Deliver a signed listing agreement and your checklist.

What we do: Manage the details and make your client feel like a VIP.


an agent spends on average 16 hours getting a client to the closing table. Get those 14 hours back with Real Tech Girl’s Contract to Close Service.

What you do: Negotiate and deliver a fully executed contract to Real Tech Girl.

What we do: Introductions and follow up throughout the life of the contract


Real Tech Girl’s Compliance Only is a way for you to stay face to face with your clients and colleagues while your paperwork is handled.

What you do: Forward completed contracts or listing agreements.

What we do: Review your paperwork for completeness + upload to your office

Real Tech Girl: Our Philosophy

We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Transaction Coordinator assists real estate agents and brokers by performing administrative duties needed during each stage of a transaction. A TC gathers all information, reviews each document and follows up on the contract deadlines.

We manage the details, deadlines, documents, and more – and give you time back to generate leads, network, nurture your SOI, or even take a vacation!

As the REALTOR, you wear many hats and are expected to be on top of your game in many ways. One of the first items many agents hand off is the paperwork. In short – we give you the most amount of time for the least amount of investment.

Office Hours are:

Monday through Friday
9AM to 3PM

We have limited availability on the weekends for emergencies only.  

We securely store your credit card on file. On Listings & Offer Prep are charged within 24 business hours of your TC beginning work. Contract to Close is charged within 24 business hours of closing/funding or via DA. Compliance is charged within 24 business hours of completion of file.

You will not be billed and we don’t charge cancellation fees. We will take care of closing out your file with your office and submitting the Release and Cancellation to the appropriate parties for release of deposits. 

We have a services agreement that spells out the duties of the TC and the agent, hours of availability and fees charged. 

A Message From My Clients!

Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.